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The Sawed Offs - From the minds of assholes

Another solid, strong effort from our boys down in Dalton, GA. “Can’t Believe” starts off the CD with an anti-love song by Minner Himself, with all the classic ripped-up relationships we’ve all suffered through. “Ditch the Body” is a classic in the making - just when you thought you needed to break-up with your crazy ex-gf, #TheSawedOffs blow us away with this track. “I loved her too much. I hit her a bunch. Now I need to ditch the body”!!! Can love get any more hardcore than that? Haha. Next up is “Not So” which combines melodic fast semi-hardcore with the standard educational teachers can’t tell us always what we need to survive in this world.

“Little Johnny” is a brief track and not of any special note.  However, “All My Real Friends” begins reminiscent of 1950’s Doo-Wop but quickly turns into a fast and loud nonstop assault on your senses about childhood imagination or maybe schizophrenia.  I will let Minner tell us in an upcoming interview.  A song about TV characters being your true friends does leave us wondering if Minner should be temporarily held for 72-hours or not. Next is “Too Old for the Punk Rock Shows” which is a theme I have been battling with myself recently.  Do I really want to get caught in the pit?  Do I need to drink such copious amounts of beer at punk rock shows, or am I just getting too old?

“Whoa Whoas” although simplistic is a creepy little number you’ll want to play over and over again.  Not only does it border on stalker issues and peeping Tom’s but secretly tells the story of all who have gone through unrequited love.  Only this song makes it downright dirty!  “Remember Those Days” laments the days we older punks remember before the Internet existed and sheep people were glued to their screens all day.  Ah, the days of lore ..

“Running with the Wolfman” keeps with Minner’s obsession with urban myths.  Not only is he a Freddy Krueger fan, but a Wolfman afficiando also.  The song will have you singing along and your feet tapping the gas peddle as you drive down the road.  Next up, “Undead Romance”, apparently about aliens and zombies.  For my tastes, the melody too closely approaches the metal genre, so I will keep this one short.  It’s a change of pace from the typical Sawed Offs song, but not my style.  Luckily, though, it is quickly followed up by “Solitude”

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